Window Tint for the Lake Tahoe & Truckee area

Window Tint is our specialty

Our high altitude sunny climate requires advanced film technology to safely reduce the suns intensity and create a more comfortable living environment. All without compromising your view whatsoever. Industry leading ceramic and metalized window tint is designed to work with all types of glass, including high end Low-E glass and reduce heat and glare by 50% on average, damaging UV rays by 99% and can increase your windows overall insulation value by 1/3. Yet look so crystal clear that you would never know it was there.

State of the art films, coupled with our areas most experienced and detail oriented installers, results in satisfied customers. Every time.

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Tahoe Window Tint Benefits

Tahoe Window Tint

Most of our high end window tints are nearly invisible once applied properly. The real benefit comes from energy savings and blocking harmful UV rays. At such high altitudes, homes in the Tahoe area are bombarded with a tremendous amount of harmful solar rays. Not only do these rays drastically increase the temperature of your home, but they will also damage your furnishings.

Reduce heat and glare by 50% on average

Block damaging UV rays by 99%

Some films increase window insulation value by 33%


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